Monday, 30 November 2009

Sketch Card #4 - Pikachu

Another day, another sketch card! Here we have Pikachu! Ah, Pokémon. Anyone else spend as much time in Viridian Forest looking for this little beast as I did?

If you would like to buy this card, it'll cost you £7. It's hand drawn on a piece of card and measures 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Payment can be made through PayPal. Contact me if you're interested! My email address can be found in the header.

Thank you! Don't forget, I also do commissions! Get in touch if you want me to draw something!


Little Wheel

Here's an interesting little Flash game. It's a point and click adventure with robots! I really loved the style on this. It's not the most complicated puzzle game ever, but it's satisfying to play. It doesn't take too long to complete either.


Sketch Card #3 - Kazehaya and Sawako

New sketch card done! This one was commissioned, so unfortunately it was sold before I even started. Depicted on the card is Kazehaya and Sawako, from the manga and anime Kimi ni Todoke (if Google is to be believed).

If you would like to commission me for a card, simply email me! My email address can be found in the header. Commissioned cards cost £10.

Thank you!


Sunday, 29 November 2009


This is a neat little timewaster, a zombie outbreak simulator! Just adjust the settings and watch the madness unfold before your very eyes. You can even adjust the speed of the zombies! You could go for the classic Romero shufflers or the more modern sprinting kind. Have fun!

It could be a useful tool when preparing strategies for the eventual zombie apocalypse!


Saturday, 28 November 2009

Sneak peek!

I'm going to give some 3D work a go, starting with something simple...Super Mario power-ups! Here's a look at WIP of the first one, based on the original NES Super Mario Bros mushroom sprite, complete with Question Block!

As you can see, they need to be painted so it won't be long until it's ready. If you'd be interested in buying it, I'm planning to do a couple. Selling them at £12 each. Bargain! The finished product should be displayed by next week.




Just to let you guys know, I also do commissions! If you would like me to draw you something, then please contact me! My email address can be found at the top of my blog header. Christmas is coming up fast, how about a personalised piece of art for a friend, a loved one, or the family pet? Any money you pay me goes straight into my 'Oh God I'm so hungry' fund. I work mainly with pen and paper, and colour with Photoshop.

Commission prices vary on size and complexity, but generally go from £30 to £60. Payment can be made through PayPal.

Thank you!


Sketch Card #2 - Skull Kid and Tael

I couldn't sleep, so I decided to finish off another sketch card. This time, Skull Kid and Tael from the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. If you haven't played it, I suggest you dust off the nearest N64 and give it a go. It may be overshadowed by Ocarina of Time, but it's a truly excellent game in it's own right. In fact, I think Majora's Mask is better than Ocarina. There. I said it.

This card already has a prospective buyer, so unfortunately is not for sale. However, if you'd to commission me to do a sketch card for you, please, get in touch! mikeyturvey [at] g mail [dot] [com]

Commissioned cards will cost £10 and standard cards will cost £7. Thank you!


Sketch Card #1 - Mikey

Now that the awkard introduction is out of the way, onto business! I decided I'd try drawing some sketch cards to sell, and here is the first one! Michelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I felt he would be an appropriate start what with our similar names and all.

The card is 2.5inches by 3.5inches and is inked on a sturdy piece of card. If you would like to purchase this one of a kind original piece, it's yours for the lowly sum of £7! Just email me at mikeyturvey [at] g mail [dot] [com], payment can be made through PayPal. Thank you!

Please excuse my poor selling abilities, I'm very new to this.


Greetings! :D

Good evening internet! My name is Michael D. J. Turvey, and I... am an artist! I have decided to try my hand at managing a blog for myself, to showcase my creations. Hopefully, I can use this here slice of the internet to motivate myself to actually do something with my life.

Here, I'll be posting artwork I've done, most of which will be up for sale (please buy my stuff!), and I'm also putting myself up for commissions. If anyone would like a personalised piece of art, don't hesitate to get in touch! My email address is mikeyturvey [at] g mail [dot] [com].

Thank you for your time. And remember, stay...