Thursday, 24 December 2009

Scary Womanizing Ace Spelunking Psychic Pokemon Training Attorney

Another commission done, with a very specific brief.

Details: Basically a pin up of a character (male) wearing Ness's hat (and holding his bat), the green hair from the kid on Cave Story, a belt with pokeballs on it, a silver neckless with the Star of David, the big pig grunt's pig mask. Dressed in a blue suit (Pheonix Wright), and maybe one or two tiny Touhou fairies.

The result:

Just realised, I completely missed the Star of David necklace. My bad! As usual, email me if you'd like to commission something!

Merry Christmas!


Sunday, 6 December 2009

Zombies, dinosaurs and giant ROBOTS.

So I was recently commissioned to do a piece of art by my lovely friends of Destructoid UK, it was to be a gift to Capcom Europe's community manager, a thank you for all the times that she has offered us opportunites to go to Capcom events in the UK. Sadly, I couldn't be with them as they presented it to her, as I had to go to work.

I hope she liked it.

The printed version came out a lot darker than intended, but it was still good quality.


P.S. Just to let you know, I'm still open for commissions! Just email me if you're interested, my address can be found on the blog header.