Sunday, 24 January 2010

Using the Force

So I recently started getting back into Star Wars again, it started a couple weeks ago when i started rebuilding some of My Star Wars LEGO sets. That opened up a whole can of worms. Soon after, I started watching the CGI Clone Wars cartoon, then I picked up the first Republic Commando book and started reading that, following that I started replaying Knights of The Old Republic. My mind is just filled with Star Wars, Star Wars , Star Wars. I feel like a kid again. AND IT IS AWESOME.

I began thinking about drawing some Star Wars characters, but rather than drawing the more well known ones (Han, Luke, Chewie, etc...), I really wanted to do more of the lesser known ones. Characters whose origins and adventures are more set in the expanded universe, or characters who are seen in the film, but aren't quite as prominent as the main cast.

So here are the first three of my Star Wars character pieces:

I'm planning to do more and add to the collection.

If you'd like a mini print of one of these, email me (as usual, address is at top of page), I want to try and get at least 10 orders on each one before I consider printing them. Sounds greedy I know, but I need to cover printing costs, an the more I can print at once, the cheaper it is! If you'd like one get in touch and let me know, so I can work out how many I need to do before I start charging for them. Price will be £3 for a 10cm by 10cm (roughly) mini print. Price includes postage. The mini prints will be signed by me, assuming you want the tattered scrawl of an unkown artist slapped across it.


Also, before I go... follow me on Twitter! Sometimes I give away free prints!

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